Why we exist

Because we need change.

We need a collective change, and for that to happen we have to educate ourselves to makes these changes. Because yes, we have been and still are part of the problem. We cannot wait with our hands crossed for big companies or government to apply changes to the way we consume. We have to make them ourselves, we have to inspire the people around us, write to these big companies and our government representatives. We really really need action. 

This is why we exist.

They say that one conscious person never goes back. And it is true. Once you open your eyes and view things differently, questioning the way you consume and have been operating your whole life, there’s a shift in your mind. If we want to have change and live in a better society, this change has to come from us. 

I, too, was raised in a society where no one really cared about the environment, you were taught to not to throw trash in the streets, but no one talked about what happened to your trash, let alone the life cycle of products. That didn’t exist. The 80’s and 90´s consuming habits are over. We are living in a new decade where we are becoming more aware of what we have done. And for changes to happen, we have to re-educate ourselves.

This is where our power is. 

We are a family of 3, based out of Madrid, and we founded Grow Good with the soul mission of proving sustainable education to become better consumers. We are being part of the change, teaching our kid to understand that everything we do has a consequence in the environment, and it is our decision if we want it to be positive or negative.

We believe that education starts at home, that we can empower and teach more than we feel capable of. Our decisions set the example for the little ones. We have the power in our hands to change patterns of behavior. We have the power as consumers.

We are real people, making real changes, one day at a time. 

We are working everyday to live a low waste conscious lifestyle. We are thriving to offer products to make your everyday more sustainable. We want to empower our society to make better consumer decisions and to understand the cycle of life of each single product we consume.
We want you and us, to slow down, to really think what we consume everyday, to reduce our daily consumption therefore reducing our footprint on this planet. 


Thank you for being here because that means that you are being part of the change.