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11 ways to take action on climate change

11 ways to take action on climate change

Here is a handy guide of effective strategies we can do as individuals to help mitigate climate change. 

As per BBC, The number one goal? Limiting the use of fossil fuels such as oil, carbon and natural gas and replacing them with renewable and cleaner sources of energy, all while increasing energy efficiency. “We need to cut CO2 emissions almost in half (45%) by the end of the next decade,” says Kimberly Nicholas, associate professor of sustainability science at the Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS), in Sweden.

The road towards that transition includes daily decisions within your reach – like driving and flying less, switching to a ‘green’ energy provider and changing what you eat and buy.

Of course, it’s true that climate change won’t be solved by your buying or driving habits alone – although many experts agree these are important, and can influence others to make changes too.

Here is a list of things we can everyday to help our Planet

1. Cut food waste by planning your meal and getting creative in the kitchen. Befriend of the freezer 🥶

2. Walk & Cycle more! 🚲

3. Drive less or using more public transportation, depending on your needs. 🚌

4. Tell your politicians, community about your concerns, your changes, your suggestions. 🙋🏼

5. Repair, reuse and repurpose as much as you can. Try to always find alternatives before discarding something. 🧑🏼‍🦳 

6. Before buying something new, ask your friends or family members if you can borrow it. 👯

7. Make your grocery shopping list, that way you only buy what you are absolutely sure will eat. ✍🏼

8. Choose reusables: cups, bags, cutlery, etc. ☕

9. Eat more plants. Nature heals. 🍆

10. By eating seasonal and local if possible, you eat more fresh and it is cheaper! 💲

11. Ditch fast fashion. If buying something new, make sure it is from a sustainable, durable material. Also, look for second-hand alternatives.! 👚


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